Slimmer Carnie Wilson Living It Up

For breakfast, she might have two eggs and a quarter piece of toast, for lunch, a chicken breast and salad, and for dinner, salmon, mashed potatoes, vegetables. She'll eat one or two bits of dessert — but one of her tricks is pouring salt on a dessert after she has a bite or two so that she doesn't crave any more of it.

Now that the fat is gone, the muscles she has developed from working out are more apparent. Her own weight fluctuates between 148 and 153, but Wilson would like to get down to 135 pounds.

To help others, Wilson conducts lectures, and runs a support group for overweight people who want to undergo the surgery. She recommends the surgery, but tells prospective patients they should be careful, and thoughtful about it, because there are very strict rules you have to follow.

"There's nothing better than talking to someone who weighs 400, and guiding them through that from 400 to 175 now," she said.

As a member of Wilson Phillips, a band that included her sister Wendy and friend Chyna Phillips, she sold 11 million records with. Now, they're recording songs for a new album, which would be their first since 1992. In their videos, they'd always cut away from Carnie, or try to hide her behind things, but that won't be the case anymore.

Now when she looks in the mirror, it's a whole new her, but she doesn't miss her old life, Wilson said.

"It's still me inside," she said.

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