Excerpt: 'How the Rich Get Thin'

I tell Sandra's, Jackie's, and John's stories because: (a) If they were able to make these changes, then so can you; and (b) by committing to my diet and exercise plan, you can improve your health. When you consider each change that these very different people made, you realize that these are things that anyone can do. Their strong will and determination to persist are what enabled these people to change their lives. They did not give up and they did not give in! Day after day, they followed the plan that they saw was working until they reached their targets.

The key is to keep your goal in sight. It is your health and well-being that are at stake, and these are high stakes, indeed. Treat a weight-loss plan like a business plan -- have a goal and take the necessary steps to get there. As another successful patient stated, you must "plan the work and work the plan!" It will not happen overnight but if you persist, you will get there. The wonderful news is that when you follow this plan you can expect to look and feel better than you have in years.

Copyright © 2005 by Jana Klauer

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