New Options for Treating Sinusitis

Old-style sinus surgery involved incisions in the face or mouth and was very traumatic and potentially dangerous. Modern sinus surgery involves the use of an infrared guidance system that allows the surgeon to avoid any incisions. Doctors visualize the sinuses through a small camera at the end of a thin flexible tube inserted through the nose, and remove bone and enlarge openings in a very precise and safe manner with a similar approach through the nasal passages. However, this surgery does requires a great deal of experience and skill, and should be done only by physicians who truly specialize in this kind of procedure. There are now approximately 300 image-guidance systems for sinus surgery in the United States, so this surgery is becoming more available. It should be done only when non-surgical measures are inadequate, but in the right hands it can provide huge relief to people who suffer from severe, chronic sinusitis.

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