Why Sleep Disorder Sufferers May Beat Up Bedmates

This is a finding which offers the potential of greater understanding and improved treatment for both conditions.

"I think it's going to help us identify much earlier some of these neurodegenerative diseases, which may lead to the development of treatments that might be able to prevent the development of the disease before it becomes full-blown," said Dr. Mark W. Mahowald, the director of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorder Center.

Right now, more research may be needed in the field of sleep disorders. The field of sleep disorders is still not taught in many medical schools, and some doctors don't know how to advise their patients with sleep disorders.

Years ago, doctors didn't know why RBD sufferers did what they did, and some people with the disorders even ended up going to an exorcist. Experts didn't understand RBD until the late 1980s. The Replogles even went to a marriage counselor, trying to find a solution to Coy Replogle's behavior.

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