Halloween How-To: DIY Halloween Costumes


Duct Tape

6 Toilet paper rolls


Construction paper



Hole puncher

Hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants

Goggles (either swim or ski)

Pipe cleaner or wire

Ribbon or yarn

Step 1: Create Air Tankss:

Take 2 liter soda bottles, remove labels, and spray paint silver. Place bottles side by side and stick together with two pieces of duct tape: one just above the middle of the bottle, and another an inch or two below that. Hold the bottles to your child's back to determine where it should lie. Cut four pieces of duct tape, adhere the two sticky sides together to make the shoulder straps. Secure the straps to the bottles with duct tape

Step 2: Create the Flotation Belt

Take 6 toilet paper rolls and cover in aluminum foil. Using duct tape, attach the rolls every few inches around a belt.

Step 3: Create Fish

Cut out fish shapes from various different colored construction paper. Let your kids decorate with markers/crayons.

Step 4: Create Flippers

Cut out flipper shapes from construction paper. Using a hole punch, create holes in left and right corners around the ankle.

Step 5: Get Dressed

Find a matching pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt in your child's closet or drawers. Pull the hood of the sweatshirt up and place goggles on over the hood. Put on flotation belt and air tanks. Attach fish to goggles, belt, and/or air tanks with pipe cleaner or wire. Have your child put on their shoes – then secure flippers with a piece of ribbon or yarn.

Halloween How-To: Homemade Superhero Costume!

It's a bird, it's a plane! Nope, but a caped crusader is a great idea for a Halloween costume.

Halloween How-To: Homemade Superhero Costume

Difficulty: 2 out of 4 pumpkins

Materials & Tools

Colorful top/skirt/tights (for girls)

Any color Sweatshirt and sweatpants (for boys)


2 Loofahs (for girls)

Hair elastics and bobby pins (for girls)

1 pair colorful socks (kids size)


Black Garbage bags

Duct tape or Electrical tape

Hole punch



Step 1: Get Dressed

Search through your child's closets and drawers for their colorful attire. Girls can wear a top, skirt and tights. Boys can wear sweatshirt and sweatpants, or even long underwear. Footwear is as simple as a pair of winter or rain boots.

Step 2: Extra Touch for Girls

Put hair in pig tails or pony tail. Take two loofahs and wrap around elastic , Bobby pin to hold in place, if needed.

Step 3: Make Arm Bands

Take a colorful pair of socks and cut off the feet. The top band of the sock that remains can be put on as wrist or arm bands.

Step 4: Create Mask

Check your costume box for an old masquerade or dress up mask. If you don't own one, drawn the outline on your child's face with colored eye liner.

Step 5: Create Cape

Lay two garbage bags next to each other, overlapping, so that they are a width that will comfortably fit around your child's neck. Line the entire outline of the bags -- front and back -- with electrical tape. Bring out your creative side: use the electrical tape to create patterns and designs on the garbage bags. Using a hole punch -- make a hole in the upper left and right corners. Secure cape by threading a piece of string through the holes and tying at the neck.

Step 6: Create Superhero Logo

On the back of the cape or the front center of your child's shirt/sweatshirt, tape down the first initial of your child with electrical tape. Frame the letter with a fun shape – like a diamond or hexagon.

Halloween How-To: Homemade Werewolf Costume!

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