Anorexia Striking Increasing Number of Boys

"I guess the one thing people need to know is that there is help out there and you need to get it," he said. "I don't believe you can get better on your own."

There were no warning signs that Charlie would develop anorexia, his parents said.

"When he was going into ninth grade, we both agreed that Charlie was our easiest to raise," Joe Mileski said. "I mean, a fantastic kid, great student, great personality, just had everything in front of him. Little did we know in less than a year later everything fell apart for him."

"He was just a delightful kid," Pam Mileski said. "Just happy, a homebody, just always there, funny."

What to Look For

Parenting expert Ann Pleshette Murphy offered this advice to parents about identifying boys with eating disorders:

Boys are often afraid to ask for help because they think eating disorders are a "girl thing."

Boys who suffer from eating disorders often have low self-esteem, which is both a symptom and cause of the disorder.

Bulima is more common for boys. Some might take pride in "working out so hard they threw up," so parents might not recognize it as bulima.

Warning signals very similar to ones you see in girls: restricting meals and strange eating habits; fierce determination to get fit and exercising excessively; irritability and isolation.

It's hard to distinguish between normal teenage behavior and bigger problems. If you are suspicious, sitting your teen down for a lecture could backfire. The rule of thumb is to "act, don't tell." Talk while doing something else, and dad has to be there to help.

Researchers have foung that many boys with eating disoders have a history of being a bit heavier or physically undeveloped. They might also be the subject of teasing at school, and the concentrate on what they see as improving their bodies.

Parenting expert Ann Pleshette Murphy originally reported this story for "Good Morning America."

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