Obama Signs Executive Order on Abortion Today

On radio and television, conservative commentators lashed out at the lawmakers who passed the legislation.

On his radio program, Rush Limbaugh said, "We need to defeat these bastards. We need to wipe them out."

Democrats have "got a legislative win right now but this is where the tough part starts" in trying to sell the health care law, Madden said.

"I think that Democrats are going to have a very hard time in November going out there and explaining to the American people that they think it was a good idea to spend over a trillion dollars," Madden said, "at a time when we don't have that kind of money."

Obama Signs Health Care Bill Into Law

After more than a year of negotiations, debate and political drama, Obama Tuesday signed the historic health care bill that will reshape care for millions of Americans.

"After a century of striving, after a year of debate, after a historic vote, health care reform is no longer an unmet promise," Obama said at an event after the signing ceremony at the Department of Interior. "It is the law of the land."

Passing the $938 billion health care bill was no small feat for Obama. Indeed, as Vice President Biden put it, "This is a big f***ing deal."

Biden was heard on the microphone whispering that comment to the president as he shook his hand.

Shortly after the video went viral, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs tweeted, "And yes Mr. Vice President, you're right..."

The president will be in Iowa City, Iowa, Thursday to discuss the health care law and what it means for Americans.

The White House picked Iowa City because in 2007, then-Sen. Obama delivered his first major speech on health care overhaul as a presidential candidate at the University of Iowa.

The Congressional Budget Office predicted the bill would cost $938 billion -- mainly through a mix of tax increases and reduction in Medicare spending -- and would reduce the federal deficit by $143 billion in the first 10 years. The health care bill would extend insurance to 32 million more Americans.

Some components of the health care bill will take effect right away, including helping older Americans pay for prescription drugs and preventing insurance companies from denying coverage to children based on pre-existing conditions. There will also be tax credits for small businesses to help them cover insurance costs for their employees.

Others, such as the individual mandate and more stringent regulations on insurance companies barring them from placing lifetime caps on coverage, or denying adults based on pre-existing conditions, won't take effect until 2014.

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