Seniors Turning to the Internet for Love

Internet dating is not just for 20-somethings! Online dating is providing a new, dynamic alternative to the conventional singles scene, and seniors are the fastest-growing group turning to the Web to find a mate.

Tom Blake, author of "Finding Love After 50: How to Begin, Where to Go, What To Do," offered some Internet dating tips for the young at heart.

Specialize: There are sites for everything -- bridge, dancing, religion. Zero in our your specialty and don't spend too much time on general sites.

Don't give out personal information: The Internet is like a shield that allows some people to reveal more information than they normally would. However, if you realize after a face-to-face meeting that a person is not a match, having given out too much information could be embarrassing and even dangerous. Don't give up too much too soon.

Be skeptical: People tend to fib about personal details and for some, lying about age is actually a marketing strategy. Be aware that what you read may not be exactly what you get.

Don't take rejection personally: The Web can be really rude, and many seniors are not used to being treated that way. Don't let one bad experience get to you.

Protect your assets: There are plenty of Internet predators out there who would love to steal your money or your home. Use caution.

Be realistic: There are no guarantees in Internet dating. Women, especially, can get frustrated because there is a shortage of men, but even if things don't happen overnight, don't give up hope. It only takes one person to make Internet dating worthwhile.