Juju's Inspiration: Runner Wilma Rudolph

Juju Chang drew inspiration from the Olympian after reading her son a story.
3:00 | 05/17/17

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Transcript for Juju's Inspiration: Runner Wilma Rudolph
One of my favorite parts of parenting is reading bedtime stories and let's be honest some of them are incredibly mind numbing fashion it's. Senator Alan I'm. But others like this one will not unlimited can be a lasting source of inspiration and this is a book that my son Jared brought home and I knew about woman went off. But I didn't know the extent of her inspirational life and I want to meet the amazing Olympic champion. Who was my inspiration the late Wilma Rudolph. Rudolph who yard field. Big seniors to go Wilma Rudolph ran so fast she ran right into the pages of history. Well Kristen tolerance delicate cool until last difference three Olympic gold medals total around her neck and read it warrants. And then how many times you think we ran after. Behind me we rented a hundred times because her journey to Olympic glory he so inspirational. It began in the dirt or segregated south of 1940. She was the twentieth to 22 children she weighed just four pounds at birth the sick the child was stricken with scarlet fever pneumonia. Even polio. News spread around Clark's you know well learned that lively girl ring never walk again. I think the want to vocal moment. Growing up was being teased and then PA's. And then not being exempted to play and do all things that won't wants to do warning. But through sheer force of will will mom learned to walk again with a leg braces and wore them until she was nine. By high school she was a basketball star and got reported to Tennessee State. She's the first member of her family to go to college it was this man coach Ed temple who recruited women for tracking you know I am thrilled to see you play things that little intimidated I have to amend. No at a meeting him felt like coming face to face with a history each coached forty olympians during his storied career including Wilma. You've got to realize is too. He can't make a resource that all the new. See you got to have some resource scene she worked hard but no doubt about it. And she had dead bird in his act. But coach temple is not easily impressed. I don't want to get your attention they're well we're will won't wasn't a big. Until 96 that Wilma Rudolph. Meter dash. I heard the crowd roared everything that we've in this about a man over there will one that what I think that. Said what that may as well what it pat apps you wanna go all democratic go matter. The coach might have been caught off guard because Wilma had sprained her ankle earlier. She won another gold in the 200 meters then it was time for the four by 100 meter relay. Change faction of the time he nearly dropped. The first 75 guys I think as the fans of that ever seen anybody she Cottam all in 75 yacht. Wilma the girl who was told she'd never walk again became the fastest woman in the world. And the greatest detail about every 181. Fat related to being with three people that I had worked quickly EA. And the in the twelve left proud and I'm that one thing that didn't need. I won't mail. But even three gold medals didn't change her life back home her lifelong friend remembers it well. She came back to Nashville Tennessee and couldn't eat its lunch cal. It was still very much a racial society. The mayor of Clark still offered to parades one for whites and one for blacks Willman refused there would be one parade she said. Or none at all. It was the first desegregated event in Clarksville Tennessee. And impressed president Kennedy asked to meet her. It was so excited to meet willow because he's seen a run on television and everything. And we sit there and they talked 1540 minutes over the years she dazzled more than one president. Wilma Rudolph. You are a great woman. Think that my mother's legacy is set sports and education. Go hand in hand. Wilma went on to become a teacher and inspired many young people along the way. You don't have to take. Hardships and that be the end of it you can still move line in. And there's a bright today in her final meet Wilma went out in the police of blue. To get a standing ovation in my home country. I think it was the gray in this moment. In my career I'm in Tarrant that day and I have never regretted. Room her enough. Once known as this as this increase touting client had become the fastest going. It. You know I asked Jared what he learned from Wilma and he said you sometimes have to do things even if they scare you. Which of I was really lovely and I have a copy of this book for you to view and for our daughters are happy Saturday and Robin you'll be jealous coach temples. And then he remembered him very well away from your day in Nashville and he don't tell my husband but I think I have a major crush. Temple Mount Hood and you to. And that's Elliott it's totally inspiration eat you know she was a superstar before the days of Wheaties and you know all of endorsements all she ever got was a pair of cleats and she was grateful for them and she went out on top hats too long distance and tell us another bedtime story. It's not look so wonderful it to rediscover history through your kids is really love this is an amazing idea for children's book. As a hands and because of things have happened to her as a child she was ostracized she couldn't go to school all those things are so they resonate with kids from thank you so much for bring in this mine plan.

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{"id":10698456,"title":"Juju's Inspiration: Runner Wilma Rudolph","duration":"3:00","description":"Juju Chang drew inspiration from the Olympian after reading her son a story.","url":"/GMA/Inspirations/video/juju-changs-inspiration-runner-wilma-rudolph-10698456","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}