Tory Johnson: 10 Job Hunting Tips for College Graduates

Even though it's not the primary goal of any new graduate, getting your foot in the door as a temp can be a critical move. Temp hiring has shown growth for several months, which means there's opportunity. Work with agencies and go directly to employers. One searchable database is

When looking at temp work, don't just target specific positions, but rather target the companies you want to work for.

Be prepared to accept a less-than-ideal short-term opportunity if it will land you inside an organization that interests you. Once inside, you can network internally to connect with the people in the department you're really eyeing, while impressing everyone with your work ethic.

Connect with alumni and college career services.

Many graduates don't use the services they've spent four years paying for. Make use of the alumni and career services offices at your alma mater by generating a list of 50 alums to reach out to. Assume that not everyone will respond to you. All you need is one to pay off.

Job Hunting Tips for College Grads

When you make a successful connection, don't ask directly for a job. Instead ask for advice, contacts and suggestions of events to attend or organizations to join, and then follow those leads. In addition, ask the career service office to connect you with employers that are hiring and have hired in recent years. Nobody will volunteer this information to you, but if you're persistent it will be provided.

Consider an unpaid internship.

Nobody graduates from college wanting to work for free. But a survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that more than 42 percent of seniors with internship experience received at least one job offer. And they get paid more when they land that job -- 31 percent more than those without internship experience. New grads can see similar results. Taking that unpaid internship is an opportunity to gain experience and make connections while you're searching for a fulltime paid job.

Buddy up.

Job searching can be lonely if you go it alone. Partner with another recent grad to embark on your job search and agree to hold one another accountable for results. Don't select an enabler who'll easily let you off the hook for sleeping until noon or who will agree with you that there are absolutely no jobs out there.

Instead, pick someone who will encourage and empower you, someone who will be your cheerleader and root for your success. This person will also give you that gentle (or not so gentle) kick when you're slacking off. Do the same in return for your partner.

If you can't find a partner, join a job club. A club may offer routine meetings to keep everyone on track and the accountability of the group dynamic may be just what you need. and churches are possible sources for job club meetings in your area.

Establish a formal daily routine.

Sleeping until noon -- no more, no way. Anyone who's looking for work must treat job searching as a full-time job, which means establishing a routine during normal business hours. Ideally, spend the majority of that time out of the house .

Job Hunting Tips for College Grads

Ask your parents for help.

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