Can You Look 10 Years Younger in 3 Days?

Bertoni was not a candidate for Lasik surgery, because she is both near- and farsighted. Asbell fitted Bertoni for a type of contact lens called monovision lenses for Bertoni. One eye gets a lens that is better for seeing distance, and the other gets a lens that is better for objects that are nearby.

Woodhouse, who is very nearsighted, decided to get Lasik surgery. Without her glasses, she cannot see, but she always takes them off for photographs because she is self-conscious about them.

"It can be a big change — not only the quality of vision, but getting rid of the glasses, and having the freedom all day," Asbell said.

Clothing, Hair and Makeup

Ellen Kunes, the editor-in-chief of Redbook magazine, took the two women shopping for some new basic clothes as part of their transformation.

"One thing we're going to do is give them some vibrant color," Kunes said. "Blues, pinks, peaches, all these kinds of colors really soften and make you look much younger."

It is also important for the women to wear fitted clothes.

"So many women will wear baggy clothes to hide their figures, but they're wrong," Kunes said. Baggy clothes actually draw attention to flaws rather than concealing them. Instead, wear fitted pieces with stretch material that flatter and move with your curves, she said.

Another trick: tighten your bra straps to give yourself a little lift.

She also suggests getting a haircut with layers, and wearing clear lip gloss over lipstick to instantly look younger.

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