Makeover: Three New Winter Looks

— Three good looks will take you a long way this winter, according to Lucky magazine's special projects editor Allyson Waterman.

Waterman showed off her weekend, office and party looks on Good Morning America as part of the show's "Monday Morning Makeover" series.


Iris Sutcliffe volunteered to have her weekend look overhauled by Waterman. Her original look consisted of high-waisted corduroy pants, white sneakers and an oversized jacket.

Waterman put Sutcliffe in a J Crew turtleneck sweater ($88), a Gap toggle coat ($98), kitten heels by Esprit ($55), boot-cut stretch corduroys by the Gap ($50) and a brown leather bag by Coach ($278).

Waterman says shoppers should always wear a sweater when trying on a coat to see if it will fit over bulkier items comfortably.


Melissa Rodriguez volunteered for Waterman's office makeover. Melissa had been wearing an oversized sweater set and pants that were too fitting, according to Waterman.

Waterman changed Rodriguez's look with an inexpensive, but classy look. She paired a $38 Gap wrap sweater with Banana Republic tweed trousers ($128), Steve Madden round toed shoes ($60) and a Tommy Hilfiger tote bag ($59).

"The wrap sweater is fitted and good for many body types, Waterman said on GMA. "The trouser pant works for everyone because it has a flat front, fitted through the leg but still has some movement."

Waterman says shoppers should always bring the shoes they plan to wear when trying on new pants.


Kristi McCormick allowed Waterman to change her party look. Waterman told McCormick that her original choice for her top was way too tight. She also said the velour material wasn't sophisticated enough.

McCormick's new look included a new beaded tank by Tracy Reese ($260), a tuxedo pencil skirt by Laundry ($155), Steve Madden heels ($69-$95) and a clutch purse from Express ($48).

When shopping for a skirt, Waterman suggests walking in it before going to the cash register. You don't want to find out that it's going to ride up to your armpits after you've already taken it home.

10 Lucky Rules of Shopping

The following tips come from The Lucky Shopping Manual: Building and Improving Your Wardrobe Piece by Piece, by Kim France and Andrea Linett .

1. Always try it on, and always sit down in it. 2. Be sure you know the store's return policy. 3. If you're unsure about a big-ticket item, put it on hold for 24 hours and think it over. 4. Don't buy anything that doesn't flatter you or isn't comfortable, no matter how of-the-moment it is. 5. If you have to talk yourself into a purchase in the dressing room, pass on it. 6. In a shopping emergency, go for shapes or labels you know you can count on. 7. If there's nothing in your closet to wear with it, skip it. 8. Really amazing one-of-a-kind items will disappear; if you fall in love with one, buy it right away. 9. Never purchase something just because it looks good on someone else. 10. If you can't stop thinking about an item, go back and get it instantly. For more fashion tips, go