Three Easy Ways to Make Extra $$$

Once your application is accepted by a site, you get to choose the assignments that you are eligible, and you decide the date range during which you will complete your shopping. You then go into the designated business, and you ask questions and look for details that have been determined by the third party. Once you are done with your shopping experience you are required to complete an on-line survey of your shopping or dining experience.

One of my acquaintances has done numerous assignments. She told me about one assignment where she was asked to go into a major bank and open a checking account. She was told to observe a wide variety of items such as how long it took to be greeted, were they friendly, were they professionally dressed, and did they do a good job of determining her needs. The whole experience took about 15 minutes, and then she went home and completed an on-line survey, which took about 10 minutes. She was paid $10 for this assignment.

And one of my co-workers has done mystery shopping at a restaurant. In one particular instance she was asked to go to a nationally-recognized restaurant chain and evaluate the quality of the food, the attentativeness of the service, and the length of time it took to get the food.

She then completed an on-line survey that lasted about 10 minutes. The third-party company paid for her meal plus $10.

Money in the Bank:
The average shopping experience pays $5-$20, and complex assignments pay up to $75 or more. Sometimes you get to keep the product you have purchased, and in the case of restaurants, you obviously get the free meal. The key is to sign-up for as many Web sites as possible, so that you have the most opportunities to mystery shop.

The one important thing to note here is that you should never have to pay for mystery shopping opportunities. If someone asks you to pay, this could be a definite red flag.

Utilize Your Personal Web Site

So many people have their own personal Web sites or Web sites for their small businesses. A great way to make money with your site is to add affiliate links.

Affiliate links are basically advertisement links on your Web site for a third party vendor like Certain blogging hosts also allow you to add affiliate links to your blog.

Getting Started:
The first step in getting started with affiliate links is to determine which vendors you would like to have on your Web site. These vendors should mesh with the content of your Web site since people with similar interests to you will most likely be visiting your Web site. The key is not to choose the most vendors, as your Web site will become cluttered with ads, but rather to choose the right mix of vendors.

There are a number of Web sites like that actually provide reviews of affiliate programs. This is a good place to start.

Once you decide on the proper vendors, you contact the vendor through their respective processes and request to be part of their affiliate program. Once the vendor approves you as an affiliate, they will send you the appropriate code and/or cookies to put into your Web site or blog. From there the vendor will track the traffic and purchases coming from your affiliate link. The best part is that becoming an affiliate is absolutely free to you.

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