Love at First Dance for 'Real Modern Family' Couple Separated in Age By Nearly 30 Years


Jennifer's family has embraced Valentino, who has two daughters from a previous marriage. One of those daughters is three years older than Jennifer. The two women have slowly warmed to their father's second wife.

Teaching is a two-way street for the inter-cultural, inter-generational couple.

Valentino has taught Jennifer how to cook Filipino recipes, and educates her about Bruce Lee.

"Everything is about Bruce Lee. Every time we see karate fighting, it's like 'I like Bruce Lee. That's like Bruce Lee … I'm going to teach you to fight like Bruce Lee,'" she said, describing Valentino's admiration of the late martial artist and movie star.

But she says she's learned so much more, most notably that love itself is ageless.

"Who made the rule that you have to be a specific age to know love?" she said. "Or you have to be close to the same age as a spouse? Who said that? Why can't I love man almost 30 years older than me? Anybody who knows how to take care of somebody in a loving special way is capable of love ... and it supersedes everything."

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