Is There a Difference Between Pricey and Cheap Makeup?

The average woman spends about $600 a year on makeup, but is there really a difference between expensive cosmetics and drugstore brands?

To find out, "GMA" recruited women to put the products to the test. Two professional makeup artists applied pricier products to one side of the volunteers' faces and drugstore products to the other.

The pricier products:

Mac eye shadow, $13.50

Chanel mascara, $24

Nars lipstick, $22

The drugstore products:

Cover Girl eye shadow, $3.19

Jane mascara, $4

Wet-n-Wild lipstick, $2

The volunteers went about their normal daily activities and at the end of the day were asked to compare how the makeup on each side of their face held up. The women were equally split over their preferences for department store and drugstore eye shadow and lipsticks, and actually preferred the cheaper mascara.

The only manufacturers who responded to "GMA's" request for a response was Mac. Mac said customers can learn a lot at the makeup counter, Mac eye shadows are used by makeup artists around the world, and they believe Mac offers the widest color selection.