Build a Better Body: Overcome Your Hang-Ups

January is almost over, and many Americans see their New Year's resolutions to get in shape slipping away.

But that familiar inner voice that says "I'm too fat" can sabotage anyone's most determined efforts.

According to Self magazine Editor in Chief Lucy Danziger, the way to overcome those hang-ups is to address what's in your head, which can help clear the way to achieving your fitness goals.

Change How You Think About Your Body

You need a healthy body image before you can have a healthy body; you have to change how you're thinking. Thirty-five percent of women have negative thoughts about their body up to five times a day. Try cognitive restructuring, which is a rescripting of your thoughts to create positive reinforcement and make progress toward your goal.

First, determine where those negative thoughts come from. Are you comparing yourself to your friends? Are you hearing things from your family? If you can pinpoint where those negative thoughts are coming from, you can replace them with more positive thoughts.

Ditch Images of Other Women

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the images of ultrathin celebrities, display an image of yourself doing something positive, whether it's running a marathon or just a time when you felt really pretty. It could be your wedding picture; it could be any picture of yourself that you like.

Nudge Your Friends in a Healthier Direction

Friends can sometimes make you feel worse about your body. If they talk about dieting, you should change the subject. Say, "Let's talk about a movie or something we all have in common." This can turn the conversation away from eating and dieting.

Think Differently in the Dressing Room

If you try on a bathing suit or a pair of pants that don't look good on you, instead of blaming your body, say, "Hey, that designer doesn't cut well." Try a different one until you find the clothes that work best for your body.