Great in '08: Find Out the New Year's Trends

The first day of the new year provides a clean slate. It also is a great opportunity to amp up looks and lifestyles.

Trend watcher Jane Buckingham appeared on "Good Morning America" today to give a glimpse into what will be hot in 2008. From clothes to gadgets, find out what you'll be searching for in the new year.

Color Electronics

Last year was all about sleek and simple when it came to technology's look. In 2008, people will want bright colors that vendors will sell or can be customized. Everything from laptops to cell phones and MP3 players will be available in a variety of colors.

Social Networking on the Go

Last year you were busy and this year, you'll probably be busier. So, catching up with friends and family may be more difficult. But sites like Myspace and Friendster are expanding their boundaries beyond the home computer. Your lifestyle will get simpler.

This year technology goes mobile and ditches the constraints of the home computer that the country became accustomed to in previous years. Talking, reading, social networking and entertainment all are on the go.

Bright, Colored Denim

Grey denim was heaven in '07, but what's great in '08 is bright, colored denim because people seem to be tired of the monochromatic look. The denim can be found in a variety of price points.

Small Bags

Looking like they literally were carrying the kitchen sink, women across the country invested in supersized bags last year. Whereas 2007 had you carrying a look-alike Mary Poppins carpet bag, this year opted for scaling back your accessories, including that giant purse.

Skinny Belts

The skinny belt is another example of how shrinking accessories are atop fashion's hot list. Last year, wide belts helped cinch waists and dominated the scene. This year skinny belt will help attain that fashion-forward look.

Feather Accessories

In 2008 feather accessories will replace the hip headbands of '07. It's a throwback with a retro feel and a new way to decorate your hair.

60-Calorie Packs

Snack packs and personalized portions have inundated the food industry. In fact, several brands offered 100-calorie packs in 2007. But in 2008, companies are scaling back even more with 60-calorie packs. People like the idea of other people giving them their portion control and restraining themselves.

Red Tea

Move over green tea. Red tea will grab the spotlight this year. While last year green tea got great press about its antioxidants, red tea has 50 times the antioxidants than green tea.

Reusable Water Bottles

Last year showed us we really need to recycle and people really began embracing the eco-friendly lifestyle. Things get greener in 2008. We are going to take it a step further with reusable glass and hard plastic, as opposed to recyclable bottles.

Home Composting Bins

People really started to understand and get used to recycling their magazines and newspapers in 2007 with their bins. This year they can take it to a whole new level by going home and composting their food waste, like leftover food, egg shells and melon rinds.