Then vs. Now: The Next Big Things for 2006

The new year will bring rise to new trends. Low-rise jeans will creep up the waist, and gone will be the seemingly ubiquitous celebrity-Ts.

Remember "Team Aniston" and "Team Jolie?" Maybe you can recall Eva Longoria's controversial shirt which jolted Jennifer Aniston with a low blow: "I'll have your baby, Brad." Those are history.

Bye to cowboy boots, sayonara sudoku and peace out pomegranate juice. "GMA" has the latest on what will come to the forefront of pop culture and fashion this year.


Finally, after several seasons of hearsay that waistlines were on the rise, it's finally happening. Last year, jean brands like True Religion -- with their famously low rise and signature flap pockets -- ruled the fashion scene. Next year, we'll see a rise in the waistlines that will span the extreme (Jainesse retro high-waisted bell bottoms) to the more mild/functional (Hudson 170 higher-back rise). And we won't just be seeing this trend in jeans. It will be a fashion theme across the board, apparent in skirts, trouser pants, etcetera.


2005 was oversaturated with celebrity-centric T-shirts with shallow slogans that celebrities seemed to like being photographed in -- and fans liked to purchase to "feel" like they were living the life. In 2006, people are going to get over the frivolousness of the "team" and paparazzi tees -- finally. More down-to-earth, consumer-driven tees will be the rage. (an ongoing Web-based T-shirt design competition) is the perfect example of where this creativity-driven trend is going. Users are invited to submit their own T-shirt designs to the site. Each week, users vote for their favorite design, and five of the highest-scoring designs are printed and sold from the site (in limited supply -- so not too many people ever have the same shirt). The winning designers then receive $1,000 in cash and prizes. The concept behind the site is something we see continuing to grow, because it allows consumers to set the trends. There are also socially conscious slogan tees. Slogans bring awareness to serious and important issues like the environment, rather than to who's "team" people are on.


The popularity of this ubiquitous footwear was largely driven by pictures of celebs wearing them in US Weekly and by the movie, "Dukes of Hazard" in which Jessica Simpson donned a pair (with her Daisy Dukes) in almost every scene. This year, many fashionistas will be trading them in for the slouchy boot. These come in many styles and look great with skirts or with skinny jeans (tucked into them). Another take on the slouchy boot is the Livs crocheted sweater boot (think of them as the new "Ugg" for '06) They are super-comfy, cute and can be worn like slippers indoors, but are sturdy enough for wearing on the street.

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