Battling Blinding Disease and Insurance Company

Cuomo talked on the phone to Shannon Troughton, a spokesperson for Wellpoint Inc. Blue Cross of California is a subsidiary of Wellpoint.

"It's a very important tool for us to address any identified issues of abuse or misrepresentation," Troughton said. "Anyone who causes fraud in the system increases the cost of health care for all of our members."

"GMA" called eight other insurers. None would talk on camera and referred our producers to their trade group, America's Health Insurers Plans.

"Health insurers pay large claims and pay millions of dollars in claims every day," Susan Pisano, a spokesperson for America's Health Insurance Plans, said.

"A policy is rescinded only if someone could have known that the condition existed…They were asked about it on the application and they didn't provide the information," Pisano said.

"GMA" went back to Blue Cross for some clarification on Dagher's case. Shortly after we asked about Dagher's policy, she learned that her investigation was complete, and her policy would not be canceled.

Then Blue Cross denied Dagher's policy had ever even been considered for rescission. Blue Cross said in a statement to "Good Morning America": "Although she may have received a letter from us indicating a review was being conducted in the past, her policy was not rescinded…for you to report that this member's issues are in any way linked to rescission would be erroneous and misleading."

But Blue Cross had sent Dagher multiple letters telling her that the "rescission review process" was under way.

And while Blue Cross said it sent Dagher the letter telling her the review was complete, she said she never got anything in the mail.

"I think that the companies that we represent understand full well the impact of the process of rescission and of a rescission," Pisano said. "It must be terribly disruptive, especially at a time when somebody is sick."

Dagher recently dropped out of college because of her medical condition.

"To be accused of fraud when I have no defenses, when I'm sick, and when I'm relying on the coverage that was promised to me and is due to me, it really shakes my faith in humanity and the good of people," she said.

Dagher, who has a basic policy with a high deductible, didn't file suit. Blue Cross of California just recently authorized the surgery that may save her vision.

A California attorney is currently settling a class action against Blue Cross of California. The settlement will require the insurer to prove there was intentional misrepresentation before they can cancel a policy. The insurer is denying any wrongdoing but has agreed to revise and clarify the application filled out by potential clients.

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