Pregnant Teens Talk About Life as Young Moms

"It is totally different. It is because you can go shopping. You can do whatever you want and then when you have a baby. It's completely different," she said. "Everything is about them and feeding them and changing them and playing with them."

Besides the weight of an impending infant, pregnant teens also must deal with how society, family and friends view them.

"A lot of people are disappointed. They say, 'Oh, she's a waste' and you know, 'Her whole future's going down the drain,'" said Angela Gavieres, who learned she was expecting at 15 years old and was "freaking out."

"My future and my school, I was terrified," said Angela, who currently is five months pregnant.

Janelle has dealt with the same issue.

"In school I let a lot of the teachers down because they was expecting more from me," Janelle said.

"The other day — my friend — her little sister called me Jamie Lynn Spears," Janelle added. "I felt heartbroken because I was like, 'She used to look up to me.' And I felt like I let her down in some kind of way and I felt bad."

Both Janelle and Teka felt the negative press Jamie Lynn received had less to do with her pregnancy and more to do with her family.

"Honestly, I just feel like they're beating up on her — on Jamie Lynn — because of the simple fact that — one — Britney Spears is her sister," Janelle said.

Teka echoed Jamie Lynn Spears' statement on teenage pregnancy.

"I'm not going to encourage teens to have sex and get pregnant. But, I'm learning, you know, from this," she said.

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