Excerpt: 'Quantum Wellness'

Yes, it is possible to achieve this state of wellness. I have done it, and I have helped or witnessed many other people doing it, too. In this book, we will start small but we will always be holistic in our approach. For example, when I talk about eating, I'm going to look at food as a fuel that can support (or undermine) your body, your mind, and your spirit. I will also suggest a way of eating that does no harm to the rest of the planet. That may seem next to impossible. It's hard enough to get a healthy meal on the table without having to think about the environmental impact of every single thing on your plate. And when you have no time to begin with, you sometimes want to throw up your hands and grab a burger. But I will show you how possible it really is. You'll take some comfortable, small steps, develop a few new shopping and cooking habits—easy ones, delicious ones— and pretty soon you'll find yourself making healthier and healthier food choices all the time, without much effort at all.

The same goes for making room for feeling your feelings or tending to your spirit or your weight or your aches and pains. Small steps—simple changes to what you eat; a few new exercises; slight shifts in the way you perceive and resolve conflict, in the way you communicate; some gentle new practices to strengthen your spiritual life—followed by a few more small steps, and pretty soon you'll discover you've taken a quantum leap in how you feel and how you experience life.

The term quantum brings to mind several meanings. Primarily, it refers to very tiny particles and waves that are invisible to the naked eye. It also brings to mind a sudden leap from one virtual state into a new manifest state, as if a particular result had been plucked out of a sea of potentialities. And lastly, this leap, or spontaneous shift, is very much affected by the observer. So quantum wellness, to me, is about the tiny little things that we invest our energy in every day and every moment. These little investments of attention hold us in a steady and predictable place. But when we make shifts—no matter how small and subtle—we agitate the norm. And the more we turn our attention to wellness—to eating consciously (both for ourselves and for its comprehensive impact; more on that later), to resolving our interpersonal conflicts, to reducing our footprint, just to name a few—the more we stoke the fires of change. The momentum we generate through our actions leads, eventually, to a tipping point, and then there is a breakthrough, a quantum leap. We get to breakthrough levels of wellness by turning our attention to those things that add to the force field of wellness.

Quantum wellness is not about imposing big changes but about leaning into wellness, comfortably, adding things here and there to the thrust and taking baby steps toward the changes we want to achieve.

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