Excerpt: 'Quantum Wellness'

I like to use a cross-training metaphor when it comes to working on wellness. Just as we would work simultaneously on our strength, endurance, flexibility, and gross motor skills in order to become better athletes, throughout this book we will take a cross-training approach to health and wellness, using tools such as self-examination, exercise, cleaning up your diet, spiritual inner work, journaling, and, yes, having fun (!) to address whatever might be bothering you physically, emotionally, or spiritually. This only makes sense, doesn't it? If the issues that affect how we feel are multidimensional, their resolution must be, too.

Whether you are feeling sluggish or disconnected or are coping with a serious chronic illness, you will find a mix of practices and ideas here, in the interplay of which you will experience your wellness breakthroughs. The tools are effective on their own, but two or more used together will make the whole process more effective, more rapid, and more fun. Also, if you mix things up you won't get bored or overwhelmed.

You will also discover how each tool supports the other realms. The better you feel physically, for example, the more fun you will want to have; having more fun, you will naturally be inclined to look for ways to share your joy. You will also experience a broader view of yourself and the world around you.

I once heard Ken Wilber, the highly acclaimed transpersonal philosopher, describe a study in which one group of people learned to meditate under the tutelage of a monk. Their focus was singular and intense as the monk coached them and guided them to learn a certain method. The other group of meditation students, also overseen by the monk, simultaneously undertook a weight-lifting program. These students divided their time between learning to improve both skills. Guess who progressed more in their meditation practice? Not the students who stayed singularly focused; they learned and progressed, but not nearly as much as the students who spread their energy between the two endeavors. Wilber explains that by engaging your multiple intelligences (whether musical, mathematical, intuitive, or as yet undefined) you light up different areas of the brain, creating more space for a broader breakthrough. By approaching your wellness goals in a multipronged way, you will become more proficient all around. Remember, we are made up of multiple moving parts; we vary in levels of spiritual aptitude as well as emotional and intellectual astuteness. We also have physical abilities that range from poor to excellent. Just observe where you think you could improve, and choose the tool or practice that will help you get there.

I encourage you to read through each chapter and try a few ideas that you think would make the most difference. Don't try tackling all of them at once; rather, gain some mastery of one or two until you feel comfortable, and then add another into the mix. By building your toolbox slowly and organically, you construct a launch pad from upon which this whole cross-training approach can take wing. As you embark on a journey toward quantum wellness, you can count on two things:

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