Loose Lips Backstage at Golden Globes

Davis will have her speechmaking put to the test this week. She said she's shooting her State of the Union address on Tuesday.

In an odd case of Karmic timing, Davis was followed backstage by "House, M.D." star Hugh Laurie, who won best actor in a drama series. In two "Stuart Little" movies, Davis and Laurie have played parents of a talking mouse, and the irony didn't escape them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Little have won tonight!" Laurie shouted with glee, and Davis hugged him and said she'd call the child.

As Dr. Gregory House, Laurie plays a much different character than his on-screen wife, but he defended the good doctor's acerbic nature. "He's no boy scout," Laurie said, "but there are very many things about him that make me delighted."

Queen Latifah didn't win anything, but delighted the press with her positive energy. Following the victory of "Commander in Chief," Latifah was asked which woman she'd like to see as the first female president.

"I'll run. Damn it, I'll take that job," she said, before throwing her support behind a more viable candidate. "Maybe Oprah … she'd be cool."

Carell a '40-Year-Old Diva'

Dripping with mock self-importance, Steve Carell marched up to the backstage microphone clutching his trophy for best actor in a TV comedy and said, "Next question!" before the first question was asked.

Carell couldn't be much hotter. After years of steady success as one of John Stewart's reporters on "The Daily Show," he co-wrote and starred in the smash hit, "The 40 Year Old Virgin," and this year, he successfully launched an American version of the British TV hit, "The Office."

When a Canadian reporter attempted to ask a question, Carell offered an apology. "Sorry, we don't take questions from Canada," and then answered the question, saying he thought Jason Lee would win the trophy he eventually earned for "My Name Is Earl."

Carell's diva show ended abruptly when the power was lost for a good 10 minutes. But we were back in business and ready to greet one of the true belles of the ball, Reese Witherspoon, who seemed as if she dressed in gold to match the award she was destined to win.

"My husband just hit me so hard I almost fell over." Reese Witherspoon said from the podium, after being honored for her performance as June Carter Cash in "Walk the Line."

Witherspoon and co-star Joaquin Phoenix, who also won, had no singing experience, yet they performed all their musical numbers in "Walk the Line," the story of music legend Johnny Cash.

Witherspoon offered some explanation as to why her husband, actor Ryan Phillippe, got so exuberant. They'd spent a good part of the evening being entertained by Shirley MacLaine, who she called "a riot" and her husband's "new best friend."

If you think the Globe is going to go to her head, Witherspoon was quick to share with the press that on Tuesday she'll be changing diapers and carpooling her daughter to gymnastics.

TV Elvis Gets Stage Fright

The most nervous winner of the night was Jonathan Rhys Myers, who took home best performance by an actor in a miniseries for his work in "Elvis." The more time he spent talking to the press, the more his feet would move. He was sweating so much, reporters joked about tossing him a life vest out of fear he would drown.

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