The Power Years': Make Your 40s the Best Years Yet

• mature employment and career transition coordinators; experience agents -- similar to travel agents -- who can be commissioned to orchestrate any type of request, whether it's a party, learning program, psychotherapy, sabbatical, travel adventure, spiritual retreat, introduction to new friends, dates, or business partnerships

• mature dating services to help the tens of millions of single mature women and men find new relationships

• longevity-oriented communities for health-minded elders

• intergenerational communes

• Club Med-like residences for those who enjoy active social programming

• urban arts retirement communities that focus on cultural pursuits

• university-based intergenerational housing for people who desire lifelong learning

• hedonism complexes for mature swingers

• multinational time-share clubs for those who aren't interested in settling down in one location

• long-term-care insurance financing to provide security against the possibility of late-life chronic health problems

• longevity insurance that, rather than paying an individual's family in case of early death, provides financial support for people who live very long

• estate management and trust services to help families manage the $20+ trillion inheritance cascade that is about to occur

• reverse mortgages to help people who are cash-poor but "brick-rich."

7. We'll Be Open to Change

Personal growth and self-improvement are the new order, and as this mind-set blossoms, it will open the doors to fulfillment and achievement that might otherwise have been stifled.

The world of continuing education may best illustrate the appetites of a generation that loves to learn and grow. Already, a thriving adult-education industry has begun to flourish, including magazines, books, audio, video, Internet learning programs, and adult-education seminars, workshops, and courses. About forty million adults participate in one or more educational activities each year. As the need to continuously upgrade skills becomes a requirement, lifelong learning will become commonplace. In response, colleges and universities have begun to aggressively pursue adult students. USA Today recounted: "admission officers and financial-aid directors from campuses across the USA echo the message: Older students are as desirable -- often more so -- as the traditional 18-to-24 college crowd. And they're just as eligible for grants and loans as their younger brethren. Adults, they say, are better motivated, usually have educational goals in focus, and have experiences to share with younger students."

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