Best Pet Products of 2009

Luckily, Convenia is an injectible antibiotic that keeps your dog or cat's system protected for two weeks. According to Becker, the product is safe, powerful and much easier to keep up with in the midst of busy lives.

ProLab's Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator (LTCI)

Feline immunodeficiency, or FIV, the cat's version of human's HIV, and feline leukemia viruses are the most common life-threatening infectious diseases affecting cats.

Like HIV, FIV surpresses the immune system and lowers the cat's ability to fight off infections, Becker said. ProLab's LTCI is the only drug approved by the USDA to fight the deadly diseases and extend the life of the cat.

Click here to visit the ProLabs Web site.

Idexx's Canine SNAP cPL Test

If your pet seems to be suffering from vomiting, anorexia, abdominal pain and diarrhea all at once, this test may be for you.

The Canine SNAP cPL Test can tell if the animal's pancreas could be the source of your animal's pain -- a common problem around the holidays when pet owners give their pets fatty meals like trimmings off the turkey or ham, Becker said.

Click here to visit the Idexx Web site.

PRN Pharmaceutical's Coproban

Coprophagia is a thankfully scientific sounding word for the less pleasant practice of some dogs and cats who eat their stool.

Copraban is an easy-to-use roast beef flavored soft chew that's used to deter your dog from partaking in coprophagia and can also be fed to cats to keep the dog from raiding the litter box.

Click here to visit PRN Pharmaceutical's Web site.

Petmate's LeBistro Electronic Portion Control Feeder

Becker said that pet owners should never overfeed their pets, but sometimes you're not around to do the feeding. That's where Petmate's LeBristro Electronic Portion Control Feeder comes in.

The feeder works like an alarm clock and dispenses preset portions of dry food up to three times a day.

Click here to visit the LeBistro Web site.

SentrX's Spray Gel and Corneal Repair Gel Drops

No matter how careful you and your pet are, sometimes they get some minor cuts and wounds. To help them heal, SentrX Animal Care created modified biopolymers to create a synthetic extracellular matrix -- like scaffolding for the skin -- to promote healing, Becker said.

In clinical trials they have been shown to speed wound healing up to 50 percent and cause a dramatic decrease in scarring.

Click here to visit SentrX's Web site.

Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Food Puzzle

According to Becker, veterinary behaviorists say it's important to eliminate mind-numbing boredom from just eating food out of a bowl. Instead, veterinary experts suggest owners use food puzzles to stimulate the pet's mind.

This four-layer food puzzle will test your canine's IQ while giving him or her a tasty treat.

Click here to learn more about the food puzzle.

Durable Ideas' Dura Doggie Discs

Appart from giving the owner a serious case of alliteration, the Dura Doggie Discs are multi-functional toys for dogs. Created by college students for a class project, the durable discs can be used both as a dog bowl and as a chew toy, and its tough enough to survive your pet's repeated attacks, Becker said.

The company's slogan is "Try to Chew It Up. We Dare You!"

Click here to visit the Dura Doggie Disc Web site.

Tick Key's Tick Removal Keys

The Tick Key's Tick Removal Key is the only tick removal device that uses natural leverage to remove the entire tick from your furry friend, Becker said.

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