Dr. Marty Becker on Training Your New Puppy

For the puppy version of disposable diapers, try training pads. Training pads can hold a lot of liquid. They also feel dry to the touch, and have plastic backings and tear-resistant materials to provide strong protection for surfaces and easy disposal.

A more expensive version of the training pad is a carrier insert. This is supposed to keep your dog more comfortable if he has an accident in his crate while traveling or being crated. These disposable inserts contain two pads with super absorbent polymers, a rigid insulating core, and a soft, clothlike cover for comfort.

Curing Bad Doggie Breath

Although owners want kissable doggie breath, taking good care of their pets' mouths -- regular brushing, special dental diets, and regular professional care -- will let them live 15 percent longer (an average of two years) than they would without it.

An estimated 85 percent of all dogs will have some level of periodontal disease by age 3, making it the most commonly diagnosed problem in veterinary medicine. Pfizer recently developed a dog vaccine called Porphyromonas, which fights periodontitis.

The vaccine can be given to puppies as young as 7 weeks old. The product is injected below the skin, with two initial doses three weeks apart. While the duration of immunity has not been established, it is expected that this product will be boosted every six months to 12 months.

Ask your vet whether it's right for your puppy or your dog.

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