Your Favorite 'GMA' Recipes of the Year

Emeril Lagasse's Chicken Cacciatore

Emeril Lagasse kicked off "GMA's" slow-cooker challenge by sharing some of his own favorites, including this recipe for chicken cacciatore.

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken Cacciatore

Emeril's recipes are always a hit with the "Good Morning America" audience. Some other fan favorites from 2009 include:

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Cookies
Spiced Honey and Lemon Baked Ham Hearty Beef Stew Better Than Mama's Chili Mac

CLICK HERE for more of Emeril's recipes.

2009 Stories

Sara Moulton's Thanksgiving Turkey Brine

Thanksgiving is perhaps the biggest cooking day of the year and "GMA" viewers turned to Sara Moulton for help with the big meal. Her recipe for a classic and simple turkey brine was one of the most popular recipes of the year.

Moulton writes that "this recipe makes three quarts of brine, enough for a 10- to 25-pound turkey. All of the spices and herbs in this recipe add great flavor; if you can't find one for some reason, don't worry, just leave it out."

GET THE RECIPE: Thanksgiving Turkey Brine

2009 Stories

Deen Bros' Speedy Mini Meatloaves

"Jamie Deen's favorite meal in the world is his wife Brooke's meatloaf," the Deen brothers write in their cookbook "Take It Easy." "Making meatloaf in muffin pans means everyone gets his or her own, which kids always love. Of course, if you're a fan of meatloaf like Jamie is, it means you have to admit to eating two -- or more -- at a time.

"We glaze the tops with a mixture of ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and mustard for extra flavor. But for kids, you can also serve ketchup alongside or as 'frosting' on top after it comes out of the oven."

GET THE RECIPE: Speedy Mini Meatloaves.

CLICK HERE for more recipes from the Deen family.

Most Popular 'GMA' Recipes in 2009

2009 Stories

Stephanie O'Dea's Slow-Cooked Lasagna and Breakfast Casserole

Stephanie O'Dea, a mother of two, gave herself a challenge: Use a slow cooker every day to feed her family for a year. What began as a way to save time and money turned into 365 days of good eats.

Check out two of her most popular recipes featured on "GMA" below and visit for more.

GET THE RECIPE: Stephanie O'Dea's Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

GET THE RECIPE: Stephanie O'Dea's Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole

2009 Stories

Taste of Home's Gorgonzola Penne With Chicken

This rich, creamy pasta dish, which was the winner of the Taste of Home recipe contest, is a snap to throw together for a weeknight meal, but special enough for company. You can substitute another cheese for the Gorgonzola if you like.

GET THE RECIPE: Gorgonzola Penne With Chicken

2009 Stories

Wolfgang Puck's Pan-Roasted Chicken

Wolfgang Puck shared his secret for making moist chicken every time with "GMA."

"This is my secret for success with a small roast chicken," he writes in the cookbook "Wolfgang Puck Makes it Easy" (Rutledge Hill Press, 2004). "Its skin will be mahogany brown and crackling, while all of its meat, white and dark alike, will be moist and flavorful. The chicken's anatomy, with the tender, low-fat breast meat so prominently exposed to the oven's dry heat, makes it difficult to perfect oven-roasted chicken, as it's easy to overcook the light meat."

Flattening the chicken by removing the backbone -- butchers call this "butterflying" -- is an easy and convenient way to get around the problem. Butterflying changes the anatomy of the chicken so that it cooks more evenly.

GET THE RECIPE: Pan-Roasted Chicken.

CLICK HERE for more recipes from Wolfgang Puck.

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