Excerpt: 'The Diet Code' by Stephen Lanzalotta

Our rightful heritage of wholesome eating as embodied by Leonardo's daily fare has been lost amidst our modern culture of fast food, fad diets and food phobias. The last three decades in particular, dominated by low-fat and then low-carb regimes that ensured nothing more than hordes of Americans eating in disastrously unnatural and imbalanced ways, have left us in sorry shape physically (more than 65 percent of Americans are overweight or obese) and even spiritually.

Experts have calculated that obesity now cuts more years off our life spans than does cancer or heart disease. Americans have dieted furiously, yet grown ever fatter, no matter which way the prevailing dietary winds blow. It is time to dump the diets that have not just failed us but also aggravated (and even created) the obesity problem in favor of a lifestyle plan that will really work, once and for all. It is a lifestyle plan that puts an end to fad diets, a lifestyle plan from the ages, for the ages. "The Diet Code" reflects an ancient way of eating we've fallen away from. It's rightfully ours, however, and we need to reclaim it.

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