Hot Shoes That Won't Kill Your Feet

Those strappy high heels look so cute, but are they really good for your feet?

Uncomfortable -- yet cute -- shoes are a major problem for most women. A Dr. Scholl's survey found that 86 percent of women said painful shoes could ruin their day. The good news is that Dr. Taryn Rose says you can find cute shoes that won't kill your feet.

Rose, an orthopedic surgeon and founder and shoe designer of Taryn Rose International, shared her rules for finding comfortable shoes that still looked great.


Some reports say platform shoes are bad for your feet -- even worse than stilettos -- but Rose says that's not necessarily true. It all depends on the quality of the shoe itself and its particular style.

The incline -- the angle your foot is in while in your shoe -- should be subtle, about 2 inches. If the incline is too steep, all your weight will rest on your toes and you could put as much as seven times your body weight of pressure on your toes.

High Heels/Stilettos

Rose says to look at high heels and stilettos as dessert. You shouldn't indulge every day, but once in a while it's a great treat.

A heel with a stacked toe -- which gives you the look of a heel but softens the incline -- is the best of both worlds.


Look for sturdy construction. The canvas should have a firm heel inside of it, and the straps should be firmly tied around your leg for more support. Without that support, you might roll your ankle.


They cost more, but you'll be much more comfortable if you buy leather, not canvas, uppers. Leather-lined uppers feel like a second skin, and will absorb moisture and heat. Fabric uppers -- which you see in espadrilles -- don't, so you'll be uncomfortable. The wrong materials combined with moisture will hurt your skin and can cause blisters.

Myth: Breaking In

There's no such thing as breaking in shoes. A proper fit is the first thing in preventing shoe pain. If your toes are always sore when you wear your sandals, the sandals are the wrong size. Shoes have to be comfortable from the moment you put them on.