Get Free Stuff With Online Rebates

The rebate sections truly make getting free items a no-brainer. For example, Rite Aid has a special list of "Freebates" on its site. With a few simple clicks, I learned that my favorite mascara was the featured free rebate item this week, which saved me $4.99.

Save even more by using coupons for the rebate items if they are available. For example, one drugstore's ad this week shows a twin pack of toothbrushes on sale for $1.99, and then has a chart next to the item subtracting the $1.00 mail-in rebate, showing a final cost of 99 cents. Because I have a grocery coupon for that item for $1.00, I realize this item would essentially be free to me.

Each program has its own unique features. For example, Rite Aid's "Single Check Rebates" program allows you to enter your receipt information online so you don't have to mail in your information if you'd rather provide it online.

Although you must mail in your Walgreens rebate form, the site allows you to track the status of your rebate online.

You can save even more by electing to have your rebate amount put on a Walgreens gift card instead of taking it in cash. It will give you a 10 percent bonus on the card, making your $15.00 cash rebate worth $16.50 when you elect to receive it as a Walgreens gift card.

Because I plan to do the Walgreens rebates every month, it makes sense to earn an extra 10 percent by having the rebate amount put back on a card, which I will use to pay for my rebate purchases the following month.

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