On Road Trips, Save Your Money for Gas

Gas is 75 cents more expensive than it was last year. So before you hit the highway for the family road trip this holiday weekend, think about ways you can save on other expenses. Budget Travel's tips for saving on the road are below.

Pack your own snacks. Little treats at each rest stop can add up. Instead, pack your own snacks and remember to pack water rather than sugary sodas that can make kids hyperactive.

Head to the supermarket. Instead of pulling over for expensive meals at restaurants, go to the grocery store and make your own sandwiches.

Stay in a hotel or motel that has a pool. Kids love them, and it beats paying for other entertainment such as movies or video games.

Don't be afraid to haggle for your hotel room. Just tell them you hoped for something lower and ask if there are any specials. It works more often than you'd expect.

Always book rooms directly through the hotel. Hotels are trying to get the power back from online booking engines. So directly booking may get you a better rate and better treatment when you arrive.