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6:40 a.m.
Brush your teeth—for a full two minutes. Periodontal disease is one of the leading causes of heart problems (not to mention the fact that the only thing most people want to see toothless is an approaching shark). Use a soft brush, and rub the bristles up toward the gums. We also like sonic brushes, because they spray into the crevices of teeth to have a cleaning effect beyond where the tips of the bristles actually touch. Floss between all teeth so that the strand gently touches the gums. Brush your tongue (or use a tongue scraper) to help control bad breath. Use a neti pot to clean your sinuses, especially if you have chronic sinus problems.

7:00 a.m.
Have a breakfast that may include 100 percent whole grains, healthy fat, fresh fruit, or a little healthy protein—such as egg whites, which contain skin--nourishing biotin. Some of our favorite options include steel-cut Irish oatmeal, Total with 2 percent fat yogurt without added sugar but with fresh berries, or 100 percent whole grain cereal with low-fat or hemp milk. And -don't ever think about fast food at breakfast time, since we find that most breakfast fast food violates every good nutritional guideline.

7:10 a.m.
Pop these pills. Your morning supplements should include: half of a multivitamin (with at least 500 IU of vitamin D, 600 mg of calcium, and 200 mg of magnesium), 600 mg of DHA (omega-3 fatty acids, either by itself or in 2 grams of fish/cod liver oil), and 162 mg of aspirin (if you're over 40 years old and have checked with your doc). Take with a full glass of water. These will help you with heart health, and keep this in mind as well: -What's good for your heart and arteries is also good for your brain, sexual function, and skin (prevents wrinkles).

7:15 a.m.
Whether -you're getting to work or getting your kids to school, we know -you'll be spending a little travel time during the day, stuck in your car or a bus or, if possible, on your two legs. Take the opportunity to practice some stealth Kegel exercises (squeezing the muscles that control your urine flow; you can identify these muscles by starting and stopping urination midstream). The more they're developed, the better your sex life.

Or, if you're in line for your favorite morning caffeine-infused beverage (you're going with the green tea, right?), try something different from eavesdropping on the two customers on the couches. Instead, spend a minute focusing on proper posture. Back straight, butt in, chest out, shoulders back, head high, jaw aligned, making sure your top and bottom teeth -aren't touching each other. Focus. Focus. Feel good? We thought so. Practice good posture every day (sitting and standing), and you'll be amazed at the changes in how you look and feel. Slow, deep belly breaths go great with excellent posture. The air should move like a wave through the body, starting with the belly while you inhale and eventually puffing out your chest, reversing the actions when you exhale until you're pulling your belly button toward your spine.

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