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When you look at the world in the light of Chanukah, you realize that the world is completely unnecessary. That you're unnecessary. That everything is unnecessary. And yet the world is here and you are here. Celebrating the unnecessary is really the celebration of love. Because the ultimate expression of love and kindness is not in doing what I have to do, but in doing what I don't have to do. If I dent your car and then offer to pay for it, that is not an act of love. That is the law, which says what I have to do. But if one day I decide to wash your car or buy you a new one, that is an act of love.

This is why we light candles on Chanukah and bring the light of Chanukah -- the light of miracles -- into our lives every year. On Chanukah we are celebrating the light beyond the sun, the light of hope and miracles. We fill our eyes with that light so that we can use that light all year long, once we've internalized it within ourselves.

In fact, it is only in the light of Chanukah that we can understand Chanukah at all. It's only because the Maccabees had the light of miracles already in their souls that they went ahead to accomplish something very unreasonable and very irrational. A small group of weaklings stood up against the warriors of Greece and won. But they knew it was possible because G-d created the world and is free to do as He pleases.

Judaism believes in a G-d of miracles. And if G-d so wills it, something radical and new can happen at any moment. In the light of Chanukah we see that everything is a miracle and only love is real. Anything is possible -- so never lose hope.

Rabbi David Aaron is the founder and dean of Isralight International, an international organization with programming in Israel, New York, South Florida, Los Angeles and South Africa. He has authored several books including "Endless Light," "The Secret Life of G-d," "Living a Joyous Life" and "The God-Powered Life." His books have attracted national media attention including "Larry King Live" and E! Entertainment. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Chana, and seven children.

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