Where Are They Now: '80s New Wave Musicians

The next album, "Colour by Numbers," was also huge, anchored by the group's biggest hit "Karma Chameleon." By 1985, though, George was deep in the throes of a serious heroin addiction, which eventually tore the band apart and put George under the radar for many years.

George still makes the scene, mainly as a club DJ, but the biggest headlines about him of late concern his legal troubles. In October 2005, George called the police to report a burglar in his Greenwich Village apartment. When police showed up, they didn't find an intruder, but they did find 13 bags of cocaine.

In 2006, George served out the community service portion of his sentence by picking up garbage in Manhattan, wearing a bright orange prison jumpsuit.

And in early November, George, 47, was charged with falsely imprisoning a 28-year-old man, British police said. The Norwegian man, Auden Karlsen, said he went to the singer's London flat to pose for some photographs, but claimed he was chained up and threatened by George and another man. Did you really want to hurt him, George?

Did You Know?

In 1986, George played himself in an episode of the popular TV show "The A-Team," called "Cowboy George." The plot involved a country singer Cowboy George being booked to play in a small rural town, but due to a mix-up, Boy George arrives instead. Whoops!

Pal Rosie O'Donnell fronted all of the money and served as the producer of George's musical, "Taboo," which appeared on Broadway in 2002. After largely negative reviews, the show closed after 100 performances, losing all of O'Donnell's $10 million investment.

Adam Ant

Adam Ant, born Stuart Leslie Goddard, fronted the short-lived '80s post-punk band Adam & the Ants. After the band broke up in 1982, Ant went solo and recorded his biggest hit, "Goody Two Shoes," which asks the question, "Don't drink, don't smoke / What do you do?"

When his 1985 hard-rock album, "Vive Le Rock," received poor reviews and disappointing sales, Ant quit music and focused on his acting career. He appeared in a number of TV shows and movies, including "Tales From the Crypt," "Love Bites," "Northern Exposure" and "La Femme Nikita." He returned to making music in the 1990s.

In September 2006, Ant began promoting his autobiography, "Stand and Deliver," in which he chronicles his career and relationships and how bipolar disorder has affected his life. A Time Out magazine review called the book "a whirlwind story of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, suicide attempts and deranged stalkers."

Ant performed live for the first time in 11 years at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London in September 2007, where he read excerpts from his book and performed acoustic versions of many of his songs and a few covers. A new album is said to be planned for 2008.

Did You Know?

Ant briefly dated actress Jamie Lee Curtis. He later dated actress Heather Graham.

A legendary "swordsman" of the decade, Ant was featured in VH1's five-part "Retrosexuals: The '80s," in the episode called "Hotties."

Robert Smith of The Cure

The Cure formed in England in 1976, and while the band has undergone a number of personnel changes through the years, frontman Robert Smith has always been there. It was his signature look — white makeup, dark eyeliner, red lipstick and spiked black hair — that popularized the "goth" movement. The band's depressing lyrics further cemented them as the faces of the gloomy goths.

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