How Compatible Are the 'Dancing' Couples?

Pepper Schwartz, the chief relationship expert for the online dating site, created a test to measure compatibility between two people, called the Duet Total Compatibility System.

Before this season of "Dancing With the Stars" began, all the couples took the compatibility test, with mixed results. Schwartz talked about the test and the compatibility of the GMA anchors.

For each of the DWTS couples, the Duet assessment analyzed personality factors, strengths and weaknesses as well as areas that are similar and complementary.

On "Dancing With the Stars" tonight, Schwartz will talk about her analysis of the Duet test results and will reveal who she believes is the perfect match — and most likely to win the competition. And, conversely, who is least compatible and faces the biggest uphill climb.

Here's a sneak peek of the Duet test:


Jason and Edyta have an explosive energy. Both of them are high-energy, risk-taking optimists who'll concentrate on what they know best. A perfect match there! As for complementary factors, they're both flexible which helps.

He's dominant, which will need to be muted in training to let the professional dancer take the lead — and then will need to be draw upon for the performances. Jason appears to be driven and highly motivated, so we expect him to be an excellent student.

They're both, however, passionate introverts. This could build to a hot intensity between them, which could result in some hot performances.

Their mutual introversion could become an issue. Someone on this team will have to reach out and talk or give feedback to keep the communication lines flowing. This becomes less of an issue as they meld as one through intense training and get on the same wavelength. Schwartz likes the combination of flexibility and intensity, and might imagine this to be a really successful combination.


Adam and Julianne don't appear to be a perfect match, Schwartz says. The first set of characteristics show Adam is risk averse, slightly negative and takes a hang loose approach. He's likely to kid around a lot. He'll deal with his discomfort of a new task by distancing himself from it and by going where he may feel most comfortable — humor.

Julianne is someone who's focused and driven with a "go for it" attitude. She'll throw herself into this task wholeheartedly, regardless of how challenging it seems. Herein lies the problem — and the potential for great frustration on her part — as she may struggle to get her partner focused on the monumental task at hand.

On the second set of characteristics, Adam's flexible and that's good. However, Julianne likes things "just so" and she needs to be the leader by temperament and talent. However, she's not a dominant type, and she's young to boot. So, initially out of the gate, instinctively, she may give him too much rope, then really struggle trying to reel him in and get him focused.

Lastly, Adam is also an extrovert, which within this pairing and training hours on end together may prove to be overwhelming to Julianne. She may not be able to get him to tone it down, as he may be one to talk consistently rather then listen! This will surely cause frustration as again, she tries to keep Adam focused on learning and perfecting the new dances.


Marissa and Tony are a strong couple based on their overall first personality characteristics. Both are RAOP: Risk-taking, high-energy, intensely purposeful, optimistic and likely to both believe in perfecting what they know best.

A problem may arise in the second set of variables, where differences can work for or against you. Marissa is an SDHI — strong, dominant, passionate and an introvert — difficult because the person has strong, almost unshakable preferences (an SD), and intense emotional feelings she may not want to share or talk about until it gets to a breaking point.

Tony is a more flexible personality and patient with a commanding and attractive personality. He's also dominant, and that's a good fit for Marissa. If Tony can get Marissa to open up about her feelings, communicate and enjoy his openness, they can be terrific together. If not, this pairing could provide for a few flare-ups.

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