Female Super Bowl Fashions

When people think of football most don't usually think of fashion -- but the two have united, and it's so much more than just those oversized jerseys.

"Good Morning America" held it's own end zone fashion show featuring Seattle Seahawk cheerleaders, models, Fabio, former NFL quarterback and ESPN color commentator Joe Theisman and of course, "GMA's" own Bill Weir.

The model to the left is wearing a Seahawks mint green Sweetheart T-shirt which reads "I heart Seahawks Football," It costs $12.99. Over the shirt, she is wearing a Seahawks "Cotton Candy Fun" full zip hooded fleece.

The model to the right is wearing a "Can't stop loving the Steelers" T-shirt with a Steelers "Comfort Classic" drop needle textured fleece zip hood and a Steelers team black and yellow beaded bracelet. The model to the left is wearing a blue-green Seahawks "Free Spirited" camisole tank and boxer shorts.

The model to the right is wearing Seahawks "Polk-a-Dot Princess" cherub pink and chocolate kiss camisole tank and sleep pants. The model to the left is wearing a Steelers pink jersey for #7, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger ($54.99) and a pink "Super Bowl XL" visor. She is carrying a bejeweled Kathrine Baumann Seahawks bag, which costs $3,300.

The model to the right is wearing a Steelers black camisole with a Steelers "Goddess of the Game" 5-button baseball jersey and a yellow "Super Bowl XL" baseball hat. She is carrying a Kathrine Baumann Steelers bag, which costs $3,300.

The helmet shaped evening bags are limited edition collectibles which are plated in 24 carrot gold and hand placed in with Swarovski Crystals.