How to Handle a Nasty Boss

Recognize that some of these calls are inevitable and should be expected. Many of us work in positions where the responsibilities and issues extend way beyond normal business hours.

If, however, it's unrelenting and shows a total disregard for your personal time, let your boss know that you need a break from it. Be clear that you don't mind some calls after hours, but that you'd respectfully request that you have pockets of time to focus on your personal needs. Let him know that you won't be available on certain nights or weekends, and that your cell phone will be off. Part of the onus is on you to manage expectations -- not just to ignore his calls.

The Humiliator

If the boss constantly belittles you and your ideas in front of co-workers, you must stand up for yourself to put an end to it.

Call him on this behavior. If you allow it to continue, you're in essence giving him permission to treat you this way. Take him aside and say, "While I value your feedback and direction, it's humiliating when you attack me in front of my peers. We're all professionals and I shouldn't be treated that way. If you have criticisms for me, I'd ask that you deliver them in private and in a professional tone."

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