Work From Home Success Stories

In "Good Morning America's" ongoing series "Take Control of Your Life," we've focused on ways to make money from home, and the response has been overwhelming.

We've been told that more than 11,000 "GMA" viewers from all walks of life are doing just that as a direct result of this series, including over 1,000 people who've discovered work as home-based customer service agents.

And the numbers are growing: I've responded to more than 5,000 e-mails on this topic, which is proof positive that flexibility -- and specifically the ability to work from home -- is the biggest workplace trend, given its tremendous interest to a wide range of people.

Parents, including Matthew Johnson, have told me they've become home-based agents because they crave the flexibility of working from home.

I've heard from others, including Jessica Park, with physical or emotional challenges that prevent them from working outside the home.

And retirees like Don Curtis just aren't ready to stop working -- or they're looking to supplement their savings.

All of them have found success through this flexible-work option.

Businesses Take Note

Large businesses are responding as well.

Two companies we've featured, Alpine Access and Willow, say they've lured new corporate clients in retail, publishing and financial services since our segments have aired.

For example, Home Depot and Time Customer Service, Inc. have signed on with Willow, whose contracted agents will provide home-based customer service.

Alpine Access CEO Chris Carrington is bullish about the coming year based on the volume of interest his company is receiving, in part because of "GMA's" segments.

In fact, Alpine Access, Willow and LiveOps say they plan to hire and/or contract with a total of 20,000 new agents in 2007.

The growth of U.S.-based customer service agents working from home has brought improved retention over traditional call center settings.

It also results in an improved experience for customers, which is key to brand preservation and customer loyalty and satisfaction, according to top businesses that favor keeping their calls in the United States.

If you're interested in this line of work, you can apply online today.

Explore the Web sites of several companies, such as,,, and, among others, before deciding which might be the best for you.

There are differences in training regimens, scheduling options, and clients to service, which are among the considerations.

Rest assured, we're committed to covering the issue of flexibility -- new ways to work from home and smart ways to approach your employer about the topic -- throughout the new year.

The purpose of my segments is to help you find the best ways to take control of your life in 2007, and I hope you'll share your successes with us, too.

Tory Johnson is the workplace contributor for ABC's "Good Morning America" and the CEO of Women for Hire.