How Will Fab Four on 'Sex and the City' End Up?

As fans of Sex and the City get ready to say goodbye to Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, many have their own theories about how the successful cable TV series will end.

Fans have watch all four women jump in and out of beds and relationships for years. But in the final season the fabulous four singles seem to be living more stable lives.

Charlotte [Kristin Davis] is married again and Miranda [Cynthia Nixon] is finally settling down with her baby's father, Steve. Even Samantha [Kim Cattrall] has a full-time boy-toy in the hunky young model she re-named "Smith."

With Aiden, Mr. Big and Berger behind her, Carrie [Sarah Jessica Parker] has moved onto a much older man.

Artist Aleksandr Petrovsky [Mikhail Baryshnikov] is her latest fling. In the first of the last eight episodes Carrie's friends tease her, estimating that he might be in his 60s.

And although she approached her new relationship with Petrovsky as a fling, Carrie seems to want to find out where it could be going.

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Do you think Carrie should end up with a guy, or happily single?

Do you think Charlotte will have a baby? Will Samantha settle down with Smith? Will Miranda be the next one to walk down the aisle?

Tell us what you think will happen. Or, if you prefer, tell us what you think should happen at the end of Sex and the City.


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