'Sex and the City' Finale

But as Sunday's end neared, accompanied by eulogies for the series that soon would be over, a contradictory message was gaining strength: Maybe this isn't the end, after all.

Turns out the series' top executive, Michael Patrick King, and the show's cast are in discussions with HBO about a movie that would continue the saga, a network spokeswoman confirmed.

But in addressing the question two weeks ago, co-producer Parker waffled like a politician on the stump.

"I haven't made any decisions about how we might revisit this show and in what medium," she said, citing several projects that might keep her busy for the immediate future.

"It's very important to me that we are dignified and graceful in our exit from the [current] series," she added. "After that, if we hear a cry from the public, I think we have to respond to that, if we can do right by them."

So maybe more Sex and the City lies ahead. But until then, at least, the ladies are living happily ever after.

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