Thanksgiving in a bottle: Turkey and Gravy soda

A new Turkey and Gravy Soda tastes, well, pretty much like you would imagine. But that's not stopping people from buying it.

Even the producers of the Thanksgiving-themed beverage at Jones

Soda Co. were surprised by the demand. They sold out all 6,000

bottles online within about two hours last week.

"To be honest, we really didn't think so many people would want

it," said a Michelle Whitehead, marketing assistant at the

Seattle-based premium soda company that has a reputation for quirky


Founder and CEO Peter van Stolk dreamed up the seasonal flavor

on a lark, but admits he can't stomach an entire bottle.

The liquid's ominous, murky brown color accurately warns

consumers about the taste. The first sips bring a mix of sweet

caramel and savory lard - and it's downhill from there.

A limited number of Turkey & Gravy Sodas will be available in

stores around Seattle and Olympia for the suggested retail price of

99 cents. A few entrepreneurs are selling theirs on; by

Tuesday, the bidding was up to $63 for a two-bottle set.

Mary Turner, a radio DJ in Lansing, Mich., who is auctioning off

a bottle for charity, has sampled the drink and warns that it's not

for the faint of stomach: "If you roasted a turkey and mashed

potatoes, put it in a blender, left it out for three days and then

poured it into a Jones bottle, you'd know exactly what this drink

tastes like!"

The company, founded in 1966, plans to donate proceeds from

sales of Turkey & Gravy Soda to the Toys for Tots charity, and van

Stolk said he will personally match the donation.

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