Some Picks for Perfect Dinner Partner

Good Morning America asked who you would dine with, if you could sit down to dinner with anyone you would like. Here is a sampling of the e-mails we received.

Michael Caine, actor: Michael Caine, Michael Caine, Michael Caine. I think he would make a very funny, interesting dinner companion, would keep everyone entertained, is not bad on the eye and seems to love the ladies.

— Margaret , Fullerton, Calif.

Katharine Graham, former longtime publisher of Washington Post, deceased: If I could I would like to sit next to the late Katharine Graham. I was always fascinated by her poise and demeanor. Aside from the fact that I too enjoy politics, I was employed within the printing industry for 22 years and the technology that I have witnessed has been so great, to have discussed this with her would have been a joy.

— Jeannie, Middletown, N.Y.

Celine Dion, singer: I if had to choose someone to have dinner with it would be Celine Dion. The reason I would choose her is because of her hometown of Quebec. Actually, I live relatively near where she grew up.

She has pierced through the music industry with great determination. She sings excellent songs, which even my children know by heart. My children's first concert was a Celine Dion concert.

She is a woman who is compassionate towards mankind. You can hear it in her songs. She is totally dedicated to what she does best. She is a wonderful singer and mother. She is just someone that I cannot get enough of.

Although many people have criticized her, I admire her and hope that she continues making many more songs.

She is all in all a "star".

— Carol-Ann, New Orleans Mia Hamm, U.S. soccer star: I would want to sit by Mia Hamm.

She is such a great role model for girls, especially my daughter, who idolizes her. What an experience it would be to be sitting next to the person who inspires you do to your best and try to make your dreams come true.

— JoAnn, address unknown

Jimmy Buffett, singer: If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be Jimmy Buffett and his family. I guess you could say I grew up a "parrothead" and we have traveled to see his shows every year. He just seems like a down-to-earth person, like my friends and family, someone we would be friends with. My family is very laid back and always enjoys a good time. Jimmy's music is always a staple item in our boats, cars and of course at Christmas! When children and parents are listening to the same music, there's got to be something there. Jimmy is one person I'd like to meet, simply because he seems so much like the people I already know.

— Sara, Mission, Kan.

Joan Rivers, former TV talk show host: I would choose Joan Rivers, as I am sure she could keep the conversation going and make it a delightful time!

— Mary, Marlette, Mich. Robert Duvall, actor: I have always wanted to sit next to Robert Duvall … I think he is such an unassuming, leading man. After seeing his unforgettable performance in The Apostle, I would walk around foolishly saying, "oh glory"… and to be able to sit with him at dinner would be fabulous!!! Perhaps we'd be able to share some fried chicken and sweet tea!!!

— Colleen, Lawrenceville, Ga.

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