Is Your Hair, Makeup Ready for Spring?

There's nothing like the arrival of spring to make you want to clean out your house and tidy up your yard. But how about spending a little time to give yourself a fresh new look?

Sally Hershberger, celebrity hair stylist and executive director for John Frieda Sheer Blonde, and Jeanine Lobell, founder of Stila cosmetics, appeared on Good Morning America to help two makeover volunteers make the leap from the winter doldrums to the fresh look of spring.

Short Hair, Dramatic Lips

To give her a more dramatic change, Amy's long, straight blonde hair was cut into a more modern bob, similar to the look actress Kirsten Dunst sports.

"She needed a pick-me-up," Hershberger said. "It was dragging her face down, and she just felt like she wanted something fresh for spring, something lighter and modern. So I cut it off in a choppy, modernized bob, and then I put a volumizing hair product in her, which lifted the hair up."

She also used products to help bring out the blonde highlights in Amy's hair.

"You have to put in a product that will keep it lighter and textured, otherwise it will look conservative," Hershberger said. She used Sheer Blonde Spun Gold to add texture.

Because Amy was pale, Lobell used a sheer moisturizer to warm up the color of her skin. To help contour her face, and emphasize the cheekbones, she applied blush more horizontally.

"Where you put your blush makes a big difference," Lobell said.

Amy was wearing a bright pink shirt, but the lip color was pink coral, intentionally a slightly different shade.

"You don't really want to match your lip color with your shirt," Lobell said. "What you want to do is not let the clothes overwhelm you."

Time for a Trim

Like many people, Hannah had dried-out hair from the long winter. Hershberger trimmed the ends and used a moisturizing styling aid to lift up the curls and bring her long, brown hair back to life. She recommends John Frieda Sheer Blonde or Brilliant Brunette products, and a post-winter trim or haircut.

"Everybody either needs a dusting or a full-on, cut-off new look," Herhberger said. "You have to get a moisturizing mousse that will lift the hair."

The springtime makeup counter can be an intimidating barrage of colors, but that doesn't mean you can't use them, Lobell said. Simply choose one feature to make brighter. If you brighten up the eyes, tone down the lips, and vice versa.

For Hannah's makeup, Lobell used brighter blue eye shadow and then used nude and pink makeup on her cheeks and lips.

"You don't want to put color everywhere," she said. "I picked the eye and put a wash of blue, and then a soft cheek color, and nude mouth. Then it is not too overwhelming."

Though blue eye shadow might seem a little dramatic, but as long as it is a sheer color, it is soft enough for anyone and will emphasize the eyes, Lobell said.

Lobell just used a sheer, tinted moisturizer to give Hannah's already moderately dark skin a tanner look. It is best to use a tinted moisturizer with a pink or peach tint to lift up paler skin, she said.

Banana Republic provided all the clothes used in the makeover.