Behind the Scenes With 'Modern Family'

"My husband watches the show and says this is a little too familiar," she says. "I definitely have a thing at home where I say if you are standing still you are doing something wrong. I am constantly assessing."

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Claire is married to Phil, the perennially trying-to-be-cool father of three, played by Ty Burrell.

"So much of it is luck of the draw as far as chemistry and stuff like that. We got so lucky," Burrell says. "A lot of shows say this, all I can say this one is actually true. We have so much fun together."

With one possible exception (I won't reveal who but if you watch "Chelsea Lately" you might already know), you might almost be excused for thinking the cast of "Modern Family" truly was a family. I hear Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet making plans to get together outside work.

In real life Burrell is married with no children. He's been praised as one of the funniest characters on the show.

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"I think Phil really thinks he's a good parent and really wants to be a great parent. And I love that about playing him -- that he really wants to be a great, the coolest and the best dad. I think if it were a tournament he'd want to be the champion of the world of dads. But he is a little reckless," Burrell says.

On last week's episode he was wacked in the head by zip-lining children at a birthday party.

'Modern Family' Cast Happy to Be Part of Sitcom

Burrell says he never reads the reviews.

"Even if [someone] wrote more than one good review about me, which nobody ever has, if I read one that was slightly negative I would be locked in a room with curtains drawn," he says.

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But they know they have a good thing going.

"I have been told over and over that no one watches TV anymore, and no one watches comedies. But someone is watching," Bowen says.

"This show is a lot of fun. And rare," O'Neill says, knowingly. "They don't come a long like this often. Now we have to keep this up. That is our job. And [it's] stressful. When you come out of the gate like this you have expectations. Can we keep this up? But it is better to come out like this than to come out limping."

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