Beyonce Confesses: No Cell Phone for Me

Despite her popularity, pop superstar Beyonce doesn't own a cell phone, the performer told "Good Morning America Weekend Edition" anchor Kate Snow before performing a song from newest album "B'Day."

"I have a Blackberry, but it's never charged," Beyonce said before her GMA Weekend performance. "I like not being accessible."

On the heels of her 25th birthday, the singer came to Bryant Park to sing "Greenlight," a song from the new album that took her only three weeks to complete.

While making the album, Beyonce said she kept her record-making a secret.

"I was really inspired," she told "GMA Weekend." "I just finished a film and I didn't allow myself time in the studio for six months. I wasn't planning on doing an album, but it just came naturally and here it is."

The new album is "different and innovative" compared to her last solo album and her work in Destiny's Child.

Beyonce attributed her style to a personal stylist, Tina Knowles, her mother. But the singer said she does sometimes feel like she has bad days, style-wise.

"Sometimes I rush, and I can always tell when I rush. I'm like, 'Oh, my God,' " she told a cheering audience in Bryant Park.