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Dec. 4, 2005

"Good Morning America's" Weekend Window visited Washington State's Olympic National Park, which boasts of North America's only temperate rain forest as well as the longest strip of undeveloped coastline in the continental United States. The park has mountains and glaciers, too. The rain forest has an annual rainfall of 144 inches, and the moisture makes for an incredibly rich ecosystem. One of the first things you notice in the park is an abundance of moss. You might also spot an elk. The park holds a wilderness preserve that is home to many elk, which play an important role in keeping the forest open by eating the forest floor vegetation that otherwise might create an impenetrable jungle. For more information, visit

Nov. 27, 2005

"Good Morning America's" Weekend Window visited California's Sequoia National Park. The Sequoia trees, some of which are 2,000 years old, are the largest living things in the world. Many of the park's nearly 1 million visitors gaze at "General Sherman," which is the largest tree by volume. While some visitors venture deep into the wilderness of the park, you don't have to go too far from the main areas to experience peace and quiet. Wildlife lovers hope to spot bears and owls. For more on Sequoia National Park, click here.

Nov. 20, 2005

"Good Morning America's" Weekend Window visited Chicago with Jim Belushi, star of "According to Jim." Belushi, who grew up in Chicago, loves the city's skyline. He loves landmarks like the Water Tower. He especially loves the food. "There isn't a bad restaurant in Chicago," he says. "When I drive into Chicago, the first thing I do is … stop at Portillo's Hot Dog." He also hits the House of Blues. It's what Belushi says is a "must do" and the best music venue in the city. Comics like Belushi can appreciate the world-famous improv troupe "Second City," which has inspired the humor of "Saturday Night Live." Most of all, Chicago is his home. "It's where I feel connected," Belushi said. "It's where I feel the most me."

Nov. 13, 2005

"Good Morning America's" Weekend Window visited Nashville with country music star Lee Ann Womack, who has lived there for 20 years. She brought "GMA" to the Ryman Theater, which she described as "Carnegie Hall for country." For a taste of Nashville history, check out the Belmont mansion, which is one of the largest houses built in Tennessee before the Civil War. You can also visit The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's estate, which is just outside the city limits. For more on Nashville, click here.

Nov. 6, 2005

"Good Morning America's" Weekend Window visited "Grey's Anatomy" star Patrick Dempsey's hometown of Turner, Maine. When not acting, he lives in Harpswell, which is outside of Brunswick. His mother lives next door and takes care of his farm. Maine, with its breathtaking coastlines, is the land of lobster. Being a lobsterman is a job that is often passed down through the generations. And cooking lobster is not taken lightly. It's practically the state dish. "I think the small-town mentality is getting lost," Dempsey says. "I think the manner, the respect, the sense of community in a world that is completely out of control -- I think I value it more than ever."

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