Wilson Phillips Performs on 'GMA'

The amazing ladies who make up the multi-platinum trio Wilson Phillips are at it again. After a 12-year break from producing music together, the band has reunited.

In an interview with "Good Morning America's" Diane Sawyer, the threesome said they're enjoying working together again after the break and a lot of personal growth in their lives.

Carnie Wilson, 36, the daughter of Beach Boy Brian Wilson, lost 150 pounds after a gastric bypass since the band's last big run in the early '90s. She also got married in 2000 to musician Rob Bonfiglio.

Her sister Wendy Wilson, 34, is five months pregnant with her second child. She was married to producer Dan Knutson in 2001.

Chynna Phillips, 36, has two children. She married actor Billy Baldwin in 1995.

The group performed some of pop music's all-time hits on Good Morning America, as part of the show's ongoing Summer Concert Series.

The ladies perfomed with their back-up band, The Better Days, led by Carnie's husband. They performed the Eagles' hit, "Already Gone," Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way" and their own No. 1 single from 1990, "Hold On."

Their new album, "California," is the band's first album since 1992's "Shadows and Light." The album includes California pop songs originally recorded by artists such as the Beach Boys, The Mamas & the Papas, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles and The Byrds.

Chynna Phillips says when they began working together again, after 12 years, everything came together like they had never been apart.

"Well, we have all matured. Our voices have matured. But the blend is exactly the same, which, I was a tiny bit nervous," Phillips said. "I thought all these years have passed. I wonder if it's gonna sound any different and it didn't. Not a day had passed," she said on "Good Morning America."

Deciding to Take a Break

The trio's break came after they experienced great success and tackled grueling schedules in the early 1990s.

"The three of us were exhausted," Phillips said.

"All of us were really tired from all of the work that we had done, and maybe I was just the first one to actually become conscious of how severely distraught I had become over the work, because it had just, it was too much for me," Phillips said. "It was too grueling and the schedule was too demanding. And so finally I just couldn't take it anymore."

Phillips says she has grown as an individual since those early days of performing and she says she feels more comfortable performing now than ever before.

"I think that when you are thrusted in front of the spotlight when you are a young girl and you are not really prepared for it," she said.

Wendy Wilson also says life is a lot different these days not that they're all married and settled down. She says she plans to raise her children in a way that was quite different than her own upbringing, as the daughter of a Beach Boy star.

"I'll tell you, I think you just strive for normalcy and consistency in your life when you have a very erratic childhood. You just really yearn for that," Wendy Wilson said.

Her older sister, Carnie Wilson, says the family is doing well now, despite the issues they grappled with during those childhood years, when her father was struggling with addiction issues.

"The good news is that our father has been through a lot, and he today is healthier than we have ever seen him and we are so proud of him. I don't like to talk about the negative stuff. There's no point anymore," she said.