Angelina Jolie Targets World Hunger

"He came to the orphanage and he saw where she was living, and he saw she needed care," Jolie said. "Kids understand sadness and poverty and hunger. She was sick and he was with her in the hospital. She had an IV in her, and he was sitting there and telling the doctors not to touch my little sister!"

Jolie said her children motivate her to continue her humanitarian work.

"They give me so much joy, and I want to make a better world for them," Jolie said. "I'm fortunate to do what I get to do to be here, to talk about these issues. I'm just grateful every day that I have the chance."

In addition to bringing attention to the United Nations' work, Jolie also lends financial support. Since 2001, she has donated $3 million to the U.N. She has said that she donates a third of her salary to charity, saves a third and lives off another third.

The U.S. gives 16 cents for every $100 of income to international charities, which is .016 percent of gross national product.

In a U.N. General Assembly resolution 35 years ago, member nations committed to provide 0.7 percent of gross national product to development assistance, but so far only five industrialized nations (Sweden, Denmark, Luxemburg, Netherlands and Norway) have met the goal.

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