Possible Octuplet Dad Gave Sperm Because He Was in Love With Suleman

Now a business owner with a wife and two sons, Beaudoin said the entire ordeal has been very hard on his family.

"You know my wife, she's not real happy about, you know, the whole situation. I mean, you can't really blame her. I mean I kind of threw this in her lap after, you know, it kind of hit the news," he said.

Though he said they dated for three years, Beaudoin now believes Suleman was married at the time.

Controversy Surrounds Suleman

ABC News has learned through San Bernardino Superior Court Records that Suleman, 33, divorced her husband, Marcos Gutierrez, in January 2008.

The divorce document indicates "no children of the marriage," suggesting that Gutierrez was not the father of Suleman's previous six children.

When asked if Suleman, who lives with her parents and collects food stamps, could handle raising another eight children, the possible biological father said, "No."

Suleman made headlines in late January when news that she delivered eight viable babies was heralded as a medical marvel.

In the days that followed the Jan. 23 delivery, critics raised a host of questions about the single mother who had previously given birth to six other children, all of whom had been conceived through artificial insemination, and about her ability to financially support 14 children.

Suleman is unemployed and lives in a three-bedroom home with her parents, who have publicly criticized their daughter's decision to have so many children.

Property records show Suleman's mother, Angela, owns the home and is $23,225 behind in her mortgage payments. The house could be sold at auction beginning May 5.

Suleman told NBC that she does not intend to go on welfare. Earlier this month, her then-publicist said Suleman already receives $490 a month in food stamps and child disability payments to help feed and care for her six other children.

At least one of those children is believed to have autism.

Critics also have attacked a fertility doctor for implanting eight embryos in Suleman's womb during her attempts to get pregnant.

"I'm really angry about that," Angela Suleman told RadarOnline. "She already has six beautiful children. Why would she do this? I'm struggling to look after her six. We had to put in bunk beds, feed them in shifts and there's children's clothing piled all over the house."

Suleman and her parents have not publicly named the sperm donor or the fertility doctor who implanted her with the embryos.

Question of Ethics Surrounding Octuplet Doctor

Earlier this month, Suleman told NBC's "Today" that a single doctor helped her conceive all 14 children.

While she did not reveal the identity of the doctor, a 2006 report by television station KTLA shows a grateful Suleman praising the work of Beverly Hills physician Michael Kamrava, who runs a fertility practice. In the report, he says that he used a controversial procedure that he claims makes it much easier to implant women with embryos.

Since the birth of the octuplets -- who were born nine weeks premature at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Bellflower, Calif. -- a number of fertility experts and bioethicists have criticized Suleman and her physician for dangerously implanting so many embryos.

"Anyone who transfers eight embryos should be arrested for malpractice," said University of Pennsylvania bioethicist Arthur Caplan.

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