Tell 'GMA' Your Three Words About Life!

How much can you say in just three words? Can you express your thoughts, your feelings, your sadness or joy? Could your three words be a celebration of a special event, or a thought on everyday life?

You just might be surprised just how much you can say in just three words.

"Your Three Words" is your chance to speak your mind, a handful -- and a heartful -- at a time.

From military spouses and their children saying "I Miss You" to their loved ones in Iraq, to young couples celebrating with the sign "Having a Baby," past video uploads have been eloquent expressions from viewers harnessing the power of the Internet to speak out. To be heard. To share.

So what words embody your feelings? Nothing's too big or too small to send in. Write your three words on your palm, cut it out in letters, paste it (strategically -- and tastefully) over your body. Shoot it with your digital camera, webcam or cell phone, and upload it below.

*NOTE: Please wait until you see the confirmation page before clicking out of this window to make sure your video fully uploads. This may take several minutes.

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